Now Organic Ingredients!
Dark Chocolate from Callebaut's Sustainable Farmer/Community program (Non-Organic)

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Organic Locally Hand Made Energy Bars
Hand produced in Nelson, British Columbia, these health friendly, organic energy bars are an excellent choice for active folks that are looking for a wholesome snack or quick meal. We use Chocolate from Callebaut's farmer sustainability program. The chocolate is not organic.
Nut free

We use naturally occuring proteins and complex carbohyrates that are long burning, rich in antioxidants and high in fibre.

Raw Sunflower, Sesame and Pumpkin seeds

 No refined sugar in the tweets; but if you like Dark Chocolate dipped, the chocolate does contain refined sugar.

Environmentlly Happy Packaging

We use #5PP Cello Bags for our wrapped Tweets. This meets recycling standard needs.

Where Can You Buy Tweet Energy Bars

Kootenay Coop Grocery Store, Oso Negro Coffee, Save On, Burrell Grocery, Taghum Shell, Railtown Coffee, Rosemont Market,The Protein Pub, Nelson Home Hardware, Building Centre (Lakefront), Sacred Ride, Inland Allcare, Main Jet Motorsports, Maglio Building Center, Mountain Waters Spa, Duhamel Store, Whitewater Ski Area, Bean Here Now, Enso Hair Design,  Nelson City Campground,
Evergreen Grocery,Maple Leaf Store (Shell Gas) (Crescent Valley),
Slocan Valley COOP Market and Gas Bar (Slocan Valley)
Glade General Store (Esso Gas) (Glade)
Thrums Local Market (Thurms)
Kootenay Park Marina & Store, Kokanee Creek Nature Centre, Kokanee Zipline (12 Mile)
Tulsi Conscious Cafe and Eatery (Cresent Beach),
Balfour Superette (Balfour)
Procter General Store (Procter)
Mother Natures, Gravi Tea/Coffee and Toys, Castlegar Airport (Castlegar)
Community Farm Store (Duncan)

Melafera Foods
Organic Ingredients
Made in Nelson BC
Sweetened with Honey, Dates and Raisins.

"Melafera" is a reference to the Latin “Apis Mellifera” which means “Honey Bearing.”
In January 2018, Dave moved to 100% Organic Ingredients.
The Dark Chocolate is Sustainably sourced.

Oats, Spelt Flour, Sunflower seeds (raw), Sesame seeds (raw), Pumpkin seeds (raw), Flax, Honey
Locally made increases the food integrity, nutritional value, and is a positive additon to the supply chain.
 Responsive to local needs
Customers are saying....
"I love buying local"

"Such a decadent touch of dark chocolate"

"A great source of energy when I was breastfeeding"
"Such a great portable snack for me and my kids"

"I want to stay clean on my diet, and Tweets are a great way to be able to do that when I meet up with friends for coffee"