About Melafera Foods

Now Organic Ingredients!
Dark Chocolate from Callebaut's Sustainable Farmer/Community program (Non-Organic)

Tweet Energy Bars have been in the Nelson BC area since 2008 and the customer base continues to grow and be enjoyed by many.
Dave Coletti creates Tweets that are handmade in a commercial kitchen in Nelson, and loves to get feedback from our Tweet fans!
Our customers said that they wanted organic and to switch from Canola oil - so we investigated.
We are happy to source our organic products from local folks which helps keep food security, integrity and quality in our forefront while also helping out other local businesses.
In January 2018 Melafera moved to Organic Ingredients, and have also switched to Organic Sunflower Oil. The packaging is and will remain recyclable. The Dark Chocolate is not organic, it is from Callebaut's sustainable farmers/community program.

Melafera Foods is a wholesaler of baked energy bars sold to restaurants, grocery stores, health food stores, convienance stores and coffee shops. If you are interested in selling Tweet Energy Bars, just contact Dave.

Dave is a local Nelson grown guy and whose family has been a part of the 'food scene' in Nelson since 1928. His Grandfather had an Italian market on Baker Street, his father was busy helping to grow the produce for the store and later continued in the family business adding a butcher shop and deli section.

Dave operated Junipers Bistro a small coffee shop and bistro for 5 years and now has found his new work home at Melafera Foods.

When Dave isn't making Tweets, he is busy in the garden,, catching up with his adult childrens lives (Son and Daughter), helping his wife (since 1987) happy, culling through his treasures in his heritage home or doing renos and updates on his neverending list, and most importantly making his wife laugh.