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Chocolate is from Callebaut Sustainalbe Farmer/Community Program (Non-Organic)

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If you want to really know the details - see below
Tweet Ingredients: Organic Sugars (Dates, Honey, Raisins) O rganic* Oats*, Spelt*, Sunflower Oil*, Sesame seeds*, Sunflower seeds*, Pumpkin seeds*, Water, Hempseed protein*, Flax*, Vanilla, Baking Powder*, Sea Salt
Chocolate Chip and Dip contain: Sugar, Unsweetened Chocolate, Soy lecithin
       - Chocolate from Callebaut Sustainable Farmer/Community Program (Non-Organic)
Allergens: Spelt, Sesame/Soy Lecithin

Standard 67 g &
Chocolate Chip

Standard 72 g Chocolate Dip

Large 90 g
Large 100 g
Chocolate Dip
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